3 Tips For Maximizing The Benefits Of A Plant Relocation

Posted on: 29 January 2016

The decision to move a manufacturing plant is a big one, and there are many logistical details that must be accounted for if you want the relocation to go smoothly. But plant relocation can be a very good thing, especially if your current plant is not large enough to keep up with needed production schedules, or if a new plant location will help reduce the costs associated with transporting your materials and products. Use the following tips to ensure that your company's plant relocation benefits your company as much as possible:

Find the Best Layout Possible

When a plant is up and running, it can be hard to make changes that may increase productivity, provide a safer work environment, or allow employees to do their job to the best of their abilities. But a plant relocation is the perfect opportunity to seek the opinions of plant managers and employees to learn how you may be able to maximize the layout of the new plant to make it more efficient and easier to work in. If your new plant is properly designed and laid out, the increase in productivity may help offset the costs of the relocation in the long term.

Take the Time to Have Equipment Thoroughly Examined

Before you relocate and set up a new plant, it is in your best interest to have all of the equipment in your existing plant examined to determine what is in good working order, what needs to be repaired, and what may need to be replaced. Taking this step will prevent you from incurring the extra costs of moving any equipment that will have to be replaced anyways. Additionally, you can have peace of mind knowing that any equipment or tools that need to be repaired can be done in advance of the plant relocation; this way, everything is in good working order when transferred to the new site. 

Have Key Management Onsite in Both Locations

Many companies use outside plant relocation services to move and transport equipment from the old site to the new site, but it is also very important to develop a plan in advance that includes management and supervisors being available at both sites to facilitate the plant relocation. Someone on each end should be in charge of inventory to ensure that all equipment arrives in the right condition. Another person or team should know all of the details of the layout that was decided on so the plant relocation service can place equipment exactly where it needs to be. 


Budgeting For Heavy Construction Equipment

After evaluating our profits and losses for the quarter, I realized that it might be best to start looking for ways to budget or save on the equipment we had to replace. Up until that point, we had been buying brand new items, but it just seemed like we were paying more money than we should for the things that we needed. After talking with a few brokers, I realized there might be a few ways to manage our money a little better. We started thinking very carefully about every cent that we spent, and it really made a big difference. Read more about budgeting for large business purchases here.