3 Signs You Should Rent An Aerator To Aerate Your Lawn

Posted on: 1 February 2016

Although you might value having a beautiful lawn, one thing that you might have never thought about doing is renting an aerator so that you can aerate your lawn. A lot of people are able to grow and maintain beautiful grass without doing so, but you might find that it's worthwhile for your lawn. These are three signs that you should consider heading to a garden rental shop to rent an aerator so that you can tackle this lawn maintenance task.

1. You've Been Having Trouble Getting Grass to Grow

Some people have a harder time getting grass to grow than others. This can be caused by a few factors, but one problem might be that there are not enough nutrients in your soil. If you aerate your lawn, you can help draw the nutrients upwards, making it easier for new grass to grow. This can also help spread and distribute any fertilizer that you might put out in your yard.

2. Your Soil is Hard to Work With

If your soil is very hard and difficult to work with, you might have found that it's hard to plant plants or otherwise work in the yard. Some soil is packed down very hard and can be very hard to dig through, but an aerator will help. It will help break up the dirt for you so that you can get things done a lot more easily. Plus, it'll be a lot easier for plant roots to push through the soil once it has been broken up, too.

3. You Anticipate a Dry Summer

If you live in an area where the climate can be very dry during the summer months, you probably know about the effects that the dryness can have on your lawn. However, aerating your lawn can make it easier for your grass and other plants to access moisture, which can help get them through a dry, tough summer. This just might be the secret that you need to make your grass thrive all summer long, even when your neighbors' lawns are all starting to look dry, brown, and dead.

As you can see, there are lots of situations in which aerating your lawn can be a smart move. If any of these three situations apply to you, it might be a good idea to rent an aerator from a garden rental company so that you can enjoy the perks of aerated soil.  


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