The ABCs Of Safe Stump Grinder Operation For Inexperienced Users

Posted on: 1 February 2016

Once you have successfully managed to take an unsightly tree out of your way with a chainsaw, you will be left with a stump to contend with even still. You could take the creative route and turn the tree stump into a place to set your flower pots, but it is a much more ideal option to eliminate the thing completely if you can. If you have access to a contractor equipment rental store in your area, you just might have that option without hiring a professional for the job.

Most equipment rental companies have stump grinders available for customers, with or without a contractor's license. If you are considering renting a stump grinder, there is an ABC rule set to keep in mind when it comes to safety. 

Always take the time to get accustomed to operating a stump grinder before getting started. 

A professional-grade stump grinder is a heavy piece of industrial equipment that can be much harder to operate than what you expect. Before you take off with the grinder to get your project started, make sure you fully understand the operation instructions. The basic grinder is towed behind a vehicle and has a hydraulic arm that is used to position the grinder as you work. You control the hydraulic arm with levers at the front of the machine, away from the spinning grinder. It can take a bit to get used to this kind of control, so get some practice before you begin. 

Be sure you always wear recommended safety gear.

Safety goggles, shin guards, and earplugs are common safety items that you should wear while you are operating a stump grinder. The machine is incredibly loud and flying debris comes along with the territory. Before you leave with the rented equipment, a representative will go over with you what safety gear you should wear during operation. Make sure you follow these guidelines to the letter to keep yourself rightly protected from injury. 

Check the area surrounding the tree stump thoroughly before you begin. 

Flying bits of sawdust and wood are definitely something to stay alert to as you grind away a stump, but if the fast-spinning blade comes in contact with some other material during operation, you could create a major safety hazard. Bits of concrete, rocks, bricks, and any type of metal should be completely removed from the grinding area before you get started. If the blade hits a dense object, it will not stop the blade, but it will throw the object out rapidly or even create sparks. 

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