What Is Dry Diamond Blade Cutting?

Posted on: 9 February 2016

Dry diamond blade cutting is a relatively uncommon practice, so many people who use radial saws are not familiar with the hows and whys of dry cutting. Knowing when you should dry cut and how to do it safely will help ensure that your project is done properly and without an accident.

What is dry diamond blade cutting?

Usually diamond blades are used for wet cutting projects, meaning that water is dripped over the material being cut as well as the blade itself. Dry cutting with a diamond blade is the practice of using the blade without using the water drip function coming on the saw, so the blade and the item being cut both stay dry.

When is dry cutting an appropriate cutting technique?

Dry cutting is only used in very specific circumstances, including:

  • When using water would be dangerous because of a piece of electrical equipment in use in the vicinity.
  • When a dry work station is important and using water would be detrimental for the project.

Are you supposed to use special techniques when dry cutting with the diamond blade?

If you're using a diamond blade to dry cut a material, you will need to take special precautions to ensure that the cut is done safely and properly. To begin with, you'll need to use a diamond blade that specifies it is acceptable for dry cutting. In addition, you'll need to take the following precautions:

  • Make shallow cuts. Do not cut deeply into the material. If a deep cut is required, it must be achieved by making several shallow cuts instead of one large deep cut.
  • Avoid pushing the blade down into the material. Forcing the blade to make a cut more quickly can result in too much friction and heat.
  • Take breaks between cuts. Let the blade spin in the air in between cuts. Doing this will allow the blade to cool down between uses, which helps to ensure the safety of the person operating the saw.

What could happen if you use a wet blade during a dry cutting project?

Using a wet diamond blade for dry cutting project could result in the blade overheating and even breaking apart, causing an accident or injury.

Can you use a dry diamond blade during wet cutting?

Typically you can use a dry diamond blade for wet cutting. Read the manufacturer's instructions to be sure.

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