Backhoe Vs. Mini Excavator

Posted on: 10 February 2016

When you have to dig a foundation, you need to think carefully about the machine that you will use. For years, the machine of choice has been a backhoe. On the other hand, there are advantages to using a smaller machine such as a mini excavator, or mini ex.


If you are out in a rural locations, then size might not be much of a consideration. On the other hand, if you need to work in the confined spaces of a city, then you have to consider how to get into a fenced off yard or into other tight spaces. The smaller size of a mini ex will help to navigate confined areas. 

Fuel Costs

A backhoe has a large motor that uses a lot of fuel. If you want to decrease your operating costs so that you can maximize your profits, then a mini ex is a better way to go. Mini excavators are smaller machines, so not only do they have a smaller engine that uses less fuel, but they also weigh less, so you will use less fuel when operating the machine. 


Backhoes are large machines, which you may not be able to pull behind your pickup. In that mini exes are much smaller, you should have a much easier time moving your mini ex from site to site. 


When you buy a machine, you have to think about how it will help or hinder your ability to complete jobs quickly. A mini excavator is more compact, which might make you think that it will cause you to take more time to complete a job. In most cases, however, a mini ex will help you to increase your productivity simply because its small size and responsiveness make it easier to maneuver.

When you put together a fleet for construction jobs, bigger machines are not necessarily better. While you will find jobs that require the use of a backhoe, you will also find jobs that prohibit its use. By adding a mini ex to your fleet, you will give yourself the ability to take on jobs that you otherwise would be poorly equipped to do. You might even find that you prefer your mini ex for many jobs that you used to use a backhoe for. In any case, a mini ex has a place in any construction fleet. 

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