Does Your Hyraulic System Need Repair?

Posted on: 6 September 2019

In many fields and industries, people utilize hydraulic equipment.

The hydraulic systems that allow this equipment to operate are usually very complex. Thus, when something goes wrong, calling a professional is advisable.

Educate yourself on the warning signs that your hydraulic system may need some professional help. That way, you can address problems before they have a chance to get worse.

Visible Gas Bubbles

From time to time, take a look at your hydraulic fluid.

If you notice one or more gas bubbles floating on the surface, you might have a problem.

Sometimes, hydraulic systems are not producing enough fluid or don't have enough fluid added. When there are insufficient fluid levels, gas bubbles will form and create vapor cavities.

Thus, if you spot gas bubbles, have your system checked out to determine how to get the fluid levels back on track.

Weird Sounds

Take notice if you hear strange sounds from your hydraulic system.

Banging sounds, for example, are common and often signal problems with your hydraulic fluid. You my also hear noises, sometimes described as screeching sounds, if your pump has stopped working or is malfunctioning.

Any sound that is abnormal is cause for concern and should be addressed right away.

Leaky Lines

Hydraulic system leaks occur due to many different reasons.

Sometimes, they mean that you have a loose or damaged valve somewhere in your system. Other times, the entire line may be damaged.

Leaks can make your machinery less efficient and drive up your operating costs. So, if you spot puddles on the floor, stop using your system until the leak can be found and repaired.

Reduced Speed

When your hydraulic system is in good shape, it should continue to run at roughly the same production speed.

For this reason, you should monitor your production speed. That way, if you notice a decline in speed, you'll know that something is amiss. Whether it's reduced flow, fluid levels, or anything in between, lowered production rates signal trouble for your business and your hydraulic system.


Finally, monitor the temperatures that your hydraulic system reaches.

If they start to climb higher all of the sudden, there is a problem. Higher operating temperatures not only mean that your system has an issue, but they can also be damaging to your system and its parts.

Hydraulic systems typically let you know when something is wrong. However, you have to keep your eyes and ears open to spot problems and fix them before they can lead to more and more serious problems.

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