A Better Way To Transport Heavy Construction Equipment

Posted on: 20 October 2020

Heavy construction equipment that cannot be adequately towed may wind up inside of the cargo area of a trailer unit. Although this method may work for most construction jobs that you are hired for, the laborious task of loading up the equipment combined with the limited amount of cargo space could result in needing to make multiple trips. Using a flatbed can aid you with large projects that require the use of many types of equipment.

HIre An Independent Transport Person

Flatbed services that are offered through an independent transportation company may include loading and unloading equipment and protecting it from the elements while it is being transported. If you are going to be on a job site for several weeks and will only need to have the equipment transported back and forth on one occasion, hiring a separate party to aid with moving the bulk of your equipment will make your job preparations easier.

You will only be responsible for transporting your crew and additional materials that are being towed, and the cargo space that was previously used for large, bulky items can be used for alternate materials that are being used throughout the construction project.

Acquire A Flatbed And A Tarp System

Renting or purchasing a flatbed can be beneficial if you have decided to change the manner in which you get equipment to each site where you will be completing a project. Take into account how many upcoming jobs you have scheduled for the remainder of the year and any projects that will likely be sought the following year.

If there will be many occasions in which you will need the use of a flatbed, find out how much it will cost you to rent one and any equipment that is provided with a rental that will allow you to secure your equipment. Flatbed services that are offered through a construction equipment rental company or a transport company may include lighting for the flatbed and a hitch, which can be secured to the back of one of your vehicles.

If you decide to purchase a flatbed, a tarping system is an accessory that will aid in keeping your equipment protected from moisture, plus will conceal the valuable items that are being transported to each job site. With a personal flatbed at your disposal, you can install signage or custom lighting, which will make the flatbed stand out and could help you advertise your business.


Budgeting For Heavy Construction Equipment

After evaluating our profits and losses for the quarter, I realized that it might be best to start looking for ways to budget or save on the equipment we had to replace. Up until that point, we had been buying brand new items, but it just seemed like we were paying more money than we should for the things that we needed. After talking with a few brokers, I realized there might be a few ways to manage our money a little better. We started thinking very carefully about every cent that we spent, and it really made a big difference. Read more about budgeting for large business purchases here.