How To Succeed With Crane Rigging Around A Construction Site

Posted on: 12 July 2022

If you need to move heavy materials around a construction site or perhaps lift them up to great heights, you'll need a crane. An important part of using one is successfully rigging it, which will be straightforward if you take these actions.

Plan a Start and End Location

If you plan on using a crane around a construction site to move materials around, then it's important to plan where the start and end locations are going to be. Then you can outline an exact path that the crane will travel along, helping you make important assessments before using the crane for real.

You can actually walk around this path to make sure there aren't red flags that you need to consider, such as unstable ground conditions or structures that could interfere with your crane's movement. Planning these things out makes it a lot easier to transport a crane supporting materials. 

Only Rig When Weather is Optimal

The weather has a huge role in the success you can have rigging a crane for a construction project. You need to make sure it's ideal so that you don't have to account for extra hazards that could potentially cause injuries and product damage.

For instance, if it was really windy or it was raining heavily, then these conditions are not suitable for crane rigging. You would want to delay these operations until the weather clears up. Then you and other contractors can maintain safety when around a crane.

Verify You Have Ample Control of Load

Whatever materials you plan on lifting and potentially moving with a crane, you need to make sure you're able to maintain control of the load at all times. Then you won't risk the materials falling down or causing damage to the construction crane being used. 

Load stability is dependent on a couple of things, such as the weight of the load and how it's set up on your crane's hoist. Make sure you don't go past the crane's weight limits and then try to even out the load as best you can. Then you can perform trial movements before performing largescale actions. 

If you're looking to use a crane around a construction site, it first needs to be properly rigged. You'll have no issues with this stage if you carefully identify the tasks you're completing with this crane, take into account the materials being supported, and verify movement is optimal.

For more information on crane rigging, contact a professional near you.


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