Electronic Benders: The Best Choice For Rigid Conduits

Posted on: 7 November 2022

Conduit bending involves curving pipes and tubes into different shapes to prevent them from flattening. It's a common fabrication exercise in building and construction as properly bent tubes provide safe and efficient pathways for cables to pass through in a building. Depending on their powering system, there are various types of conduit-bending equipment. You should choose the most effective one based on your needs. Among them is the electronic conduit bender. This piece discusses what electronic conduit benders are and the reasons why they offer the best tube-bending solution. 

What are electronic conduit benders?

From the name, electronic conduit benders use electrical power to shape pipes and tubes. They are designed to curve rigid conduits without affecting the interior or exterior structures. Electricians use them to bend pipes for permanent structures such as pillars for large buildings. The following are the advantages of using electric conduit benders for your construction job.

They offer accuracy and precision

Getting an accurate bend can be an uphill task, especially when dealing with rigid conduits. However, the case is different when using electronic benders, as they efficiently produce better accuracy and precision. That's because some models have advanced-level programming and calculator layouts that enable them to calibrate accurately with ease. This feature makes them suitable for large construction where you might need the same bend in multiple areas. They also help eliminate the need for additional welding work on tubes for better precision. 

They enable faster completion of work 

Completing a wiring exercise on time means client satisfaction as well as you getting paid and time and moving on to the next project. You can achieve that by using electric benders for rigid conduits. Since they use programmable electronic control systems, you can set a fixed calibration for a batch of tubes that need the same bending. That helps save a lot of time you would have spent readjusting the bending shoes every time you need to bend a tube of the same fitting. In other words, electronic benders help improve productivity in your workplace. 

They help save on costs 

Another benefit of using electronic benders is that they help save on costs in different ways. The programmable electrical control and accuracy feature means limited human interaction in the calibration process. That helps reduce labor costs as you won't require many people to increase productivity or additional labor for after-bend welding. That also helps minimize the likelihood of errors meaning there will be less wastage of materials in trying to fix and replace wrongly bent conduits. 

Take away

Are you looking for suitable equipment for rigid conduit bending projects? Contact a professional dealer for more information on electronic benders and guide in choosing the best for your needs. For more information on electric conduit benders, contact a professional near you.


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