Uses For Fabricated Structural Steel In Your Warehouse

Posted on: 31 March 2023

Structural steel fabrication plays a crucial role in the construction of warehouses. This material offers strength and durability while still being affordable. Not surprisingly, there are a variety of options and strategies for using custom steel fabrication services in the construction of your new warehouse.

Welded Structural Steel Fabrication

Many steel warehouses will use a series of panels for their construction. These panels are designed to be welded together to provide a secure fit. Welded structural steel fabrication is widely used in warehouse construction because it offers exceptional performance and quick completion.

However, there are some drawbacks to welded structural steel fabrication. The high temperatures required for welding can distort the steel components, potentially impacting the overall structural integrity. Additionally, the welded joints can be vulnerable to corrosion if not correctly maintained or protected. As a result, any welding work should be left to an experienced professional.

Rolled Structural Steel Fabrication

Rolled structural steel fabrication involves shaping the steel by passing it through a series of rollers that apply pressure and force. This process can create various steel shapes, such as I-beams, which are commonly used in warehouse construction. Rolled structural steel provides a high degree of dimensional accuracy and uniformity, ensuring a consistent final product. It also avoids the potential distortions that heat-based fabrication can cause. While this can be a popular choice, it may take longer for these services to create custom shapes and components, which may impact your schedule for the project.

Modular Structural Steel Fabrication

Modular structural steel fabrication uses prefabricated modules, which are then connected to form the final structure. One of the primary benefits of this option is that it can allow for a very rapid construction process. The modular approach allows for high customization and flexibility, enabling warehouse designs to be tailored to specific needs and requirements.

However, you should be aware that the initial cost of prefabricated modules can be higher than traditional construction methods. Transporting and handling large modules may also present logistical challenges and require specialized vehicles.

Plate-Girder Structural Steel Fabrication

Plate-girder structural steel fabrication is often used for components that need good load-bearing capacity. The plate-girder fabrication process allows for precise dimensional control and can accommodate complex geometric designs. Not surprisingly, these girders can be extremely heavy and may be long enough to require oversized transport services. While some structural steel fabrication services can provide transportation options for their clients, this is not always a viable option. As a result, you should inquire about delivery options ahead of time so that you can make the appropriate plans for delivering your girders to the project site.

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